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For Hair Stylist and Online Seller

#1 Wholesale Hair Vendor for Hair Stylists and online seller to get more return customer

You must be tired of poor-quality hair from deceiving hair vendors. For hairstylists and online sellers, we know you have higher requirements for hair quality & hair re-styling, which are important to help you attract repeat and new customers.TatiHair provides wholesale high-grade quality hair bundles from 10″ to 40″ with best-selling 12A+ textures on the market, helping you to make trendy & luxury hairstyles and make more profits. and for online sellers, you just focus on your online marketing strategy, we take care of the hair quality for you!

For Hair Salons and Hair Stores

Your Next-Door Hair Factory In the USA, Do you want stable-quality hair to improve your salon’s operation efficiency? For salon owners, you will get more profits from your salon or styling chair by selling premium hair! And USA-based warehouse to support you in getting more faster shipping service and not worrying about stock anymore, we prepare the hair stock for you and provide door-to-door service!

Welcome to Tatiahair warehouses to check our hair quality and get your urgent pick-ups, we provide 1 on 1 customer service catering to your special needs.

1, find our WhatsApp link from the site, or here, click and add our customer service team. We would like to help you!

2, you can also send an email to [email protected]  with the subject line “Wholesale”, our team will give you a good solution, thank you!

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