Allen is the Co founder of TATI HAIR INC. He lives in New York, USA all year round and has excellent English listening and speaking skills. He has been working in hair for many years and has a lot of experience and insights in helping hair entrepreneurs and some large wig wholesale customers. Get your hair business started with him

I will use my expertise in products and markets to help my customers, and take advantage of the advantages of American wig warehouses to quickly ship and fully support them!

Allen speaks authentic American professional English and has been working in sales for 15 years. He is very familiar with the hair market in the United States. Currently, he is the CEO of the US branch and a CO-founder of TATI HAIR INC. in the United States. In 2023, he and Peter Duan opened the first hair company in New York, USA, TATI HAIR INC.

Allen Wang (WhatsApp:+1(516)852-3688) Click Here