Peter is the CEO of TATIHAIR. He is very patient and has excellent English listening and speaking skills. He has been engaged in the wig industry for 13 years, mainly focusing on high-quality human hair products. Let him use his expertise to help your wig business

What the customer needs is a rational, responsible, and professional salesperson for hair products, who also understands the hair market. I am willing to use my professionalism to help the customer

Peter, born in 1988, married and has a 6-year-old baby boy. Peter is very familiar with the offline and online website sales of hair products. He majored in Business English at university and started hair sales in Nigeria, Africa for 7 years. During this time, he visited the hair market in the UK and France, and assisted Allen in opening the first Tati Hair warehouse, TATI HAIR INC. in New York, USA in 2023

Peter Duan (WhatsApp:+1(323)388-5625) Click Here